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Florida Wedding edits

Private Photo Editor

Based in New York
Serving photographers around the world.

The Waibels -

Julia Kia Photography

No more late night editing sessions!

I know the importance of editing for your business. You want to not only have quality images, but also to have quick turnaround. As a photographer, if you know you can check editing off of your list, you can book more clients or have time for yourself.


As your editor:

  • I am able to match your unique editing style every time.

  • I have a turnaround time of five to seven business days.

  • I am able to take the weight of editing  off your shoulders which gives you the freedom to do as you choose.

Take back your free time!

Santana Block Private Photo Editor

Santana Block _ 001-2.jpg

meet your photo editor

Hello, Im Santana!

I'm a private photo editor that will match your unique style; I specialize in wedding, elopements and couples photography. I have been a professional photographer for 5 years and I have found my passion for editing. I love being behind the camera, but I truly enjoy editing.


I am someone who values family and being able to enjoy your life and all of the adventures that come along the way. I have built incredible relationships with the photographers I edit for and take pride knowing that I take a huge workload off of their shoulders. 

If you're ready to be able to enjoy more time doing what you love, let's see if we are good fit!

bright and bold wedding with bouquet

Emily Murphy Photography

Let's Team Up!

In a world of AI, know the importance of working with real people with very skilled capabilities. I strive to match your edits to perfection and know that I give quality work that won't make you skip a beat in your timelines.

Editing Client, MI

"Working with Santana has been a great experience. She has an efficient system for transferring files as well as invoicing. The turnaround is always sooner than expected and she makes my life so much easier!"

Sara, FL

"I’ve worked with Santana for a full wedding season and I will admit she was the person that kept me sane. She always gave me a realistic gallery delivery date and stuck to it. It allowed me to stay on track despite being a bit too overloaded. I’m not lying when I say Santana was and still is my saving grace. Plus no more late nights and eye strain for me!"

Claire, AZ

"Hire Santana now!! She is professional, consistent, and fair. I have nothing but good things to say about her.

Michigan Wedding

Is outsourcing right for you?

  • Do you hate editing?

  • Are you behind on delivering galleries?

  • Do you need more time in your day?

  • Do you want to book more weddings/session?

  • Do you have your own consistent editing style?

  • Are you booking 12 + weddings a year?

  • Are you getting enough YOU time?

If you answered yes to any of these, then outsourcing might be right for you!! Take control of your life again!

The Waibels

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